We design wildlife-related attractions and educate about Mother Nature’s gifts.


Always with respect for animals

Regardless of whether we design a zoo, aquariums, safaris or organize workshops on Mother Nature’s gifts, we always emphasize that animals are sentient creatures that deserve respect. This is our top priority.

You are in good hands

We cooperate with experts only, starting from the design of zoos or dolphinaria through workshops on wildlife protection to intercontinental transport of animals.

Comfortable and safe transport

OceanikZOOgroup has 15 years of experience in shipping animals from zoo to zoo. We know how to do it in a comfortable and safe way with full respect for the animals.


Animals are our passion

Mauricio, the founder of OceanikZOOgroup, has always wanted to work with animals since he was a little boy. In the beginning, he was training dolphins, sea lions, and penguins.

Later, while getting more experience and international contacts, his company started to consult and design zoos, aquariums, and dolphinaria.

Another initiative that is important to us is to protect Mother Earth’s gifts and educate about them. We get involved in conservation projects that focus on protecting wild species and their natural habitats. One of them is the Titicaca Giant Frog (Telmatobius Culeus) Conservation Project.


Looking for experts in the design of zoos, aquariums, and safaris?

OceanikZOOgroup specializes in the design of zoos, aquariums, dolphinaria, and other wildlife-related attractions. We focus not just on an attractive design. First and foremost, we care about the accurate representation of natural environments.

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