About us

About Mauricio

Mauricio Diche Roldán is the founder of OceanikZOOgroup. From an early age, he was fond of animals, so working with them was a natural career path.

In his native country of Peru, Mauricio worked in a dolphinarium.
At the beginning, he was training dolphins, sea lions, and penguins. Later, when he changed South America for Europe, Mauricio decided to move away from training to consulting for zoos.

Today, Mauricio still cares about animals, engaging in the preservation of endangered species, such as the Titicaca Giant Frog (Telmatobius Culeus).

Read more about the conservation program that OceanikZOOgroup is proudly supporting.

What we do

OceanikZOOgroup is an expert in the design of zoos, aquariums, dolphinariums, safaris and other wildlife related attractions.

Our company offers expertise from concept design through animal transport, workshops, and zoological facility operations, such as animal care, getting permits, supervising the purchase process, maintaining facilities and grounds.

We can do 100% of the design for you, or offer you our advice and consulting services. Our services and solutions are individually designed for each client.


We care about Mother Nature’s gifts

We promote transparency between man and nature and get involved in conservation projects. Read more about it.


We work with talented experts

Our work team includes talented architects, illustrators, education and conservation consultants. We create high quality, creative, and realistic plans based on the experience gained during cooperation with the largest and most successful institutions. We implement small as well as large projects.


Need safe and comfortable animal transport?

We organize transport from the zoo to the airport of departure as well as from the airport of destination to the designated zoo. Always with respect for the animals!

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